Upholstered ride on toy Bi Biip

Design: Mateja Panter

Our upholstered car is a mobile toy car for children from 1 to 6 years old. Its attraction lies in its abstract shape, appealing colors, softness and its natural materials. It offers safety and is easy to use and maintain. This innovative mobile unit allows the practicing and strengthening of motor skills. It enables free and safe movement and represents our contribution to providing children with a quality environment. Bi Biip brings joy to both children and adults. It is intended for use in both public and private spaces. Bi Biip fulfils children’s needs for movement and it also has some therapeutic effects for those diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), children with motor-skills challenges, autism etc.

Technical data

Construction: wooden inner frame

Seat: polyurethane foam

Feet: rubber wheels

Fabric composition: 100% Virgin Wool

Certificate of Conformity : No. 19048: SIST EN 71-1:2015 – Safety of Toys

5-year warranty


Side view

Bi Biip


Mateja Panter

Mateja graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She works as a freelancer in architecture, interior space, product, and graphics design, creative consulting, and has also been engaged in expert publishing. She has exhibited her work at Salone Satellite in Milan, Re:design Europe in Berlin, World Design Capital Helsinki, Bancs de l`Europe in Strasbourg and several independent and group collective in Slovenia.