Sofa Inspiration

Design: Matic Treven

This is a unique sofa, inspired by the past, enjoying the present and looking to the future. Here modern living style combines with retro inspiration from the last century. Natural materials and organic lines are blended into unique details: a quilted backrest and a charming stone side-board. Reclining against the soft backrest, you will be able to immerse yourself in your most pleasant memories, relive your most exciting experiences and fill yourself with the inspiration for the future.

Technical data

Construction: wooden and metal inner frame

Seat: cold cure foam

Back: polyurethane foam

Cushions: chambers filled with foam rods and polyester fibers

Feet: oak, H = 21cm

Technical data Inspiration
5-year warranty

Possible sofa elements

Your sofa can be adapted to your room with various element placements. Some elements can be dimensionally adjusted.

Side view

3-seater sofa with shelf

3-seater sofa

QU-50/53 2x

QU-75/53 3x



Material colour palette

Matic Treven

Matic works as an independent designer in interior design and industrial design. When designing products, he works largely with wood, which is the basic material of his key design products. He has received numerous awards for his work, and he designed the 'Inspiration' and 'Sofistication' collections for Kauch. His design originates from function with an exceptional sense of aesthetics, which adds to the creative whole.