Our hygiene masks offer a good level of protection as they are made of high-quality, durable-maintenance material which was recognized by the Italian government as extremely appropriate for the production of face masks. The material used is thicker than that of a standard fabric, i.e. 400g/m2 and thus a single layer provides a high level of protection. The masks are practical, easy to use with soft elastics and a nose ridge wire to offer a better grip. Masks are washable and re-usable.

Technical data

Package: 4 pieces in one package

Composition: 100 % polyester

Maintenance: Wash up to 60°C

Origin: Made in Slovenia

Certificate OEKO TEX: Confirms that masks are skin-friendly and suitable for use on the face.

Test EN 4920: Confirms that the fabric is resistant to damp, which means that it is also resistant to saliva.

Test EN 9237: Confirms the air permeability of the fabric, which means that it allows uninterrupted breathing through the fabric

Elastic color: Red, yellow, green, black

Warning: Masks are not a medical device and have not been clinically tested.

100% degradable