Our Story

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The Kauch brand was established in 2012. It has grown on the basis of rich experience and 30 years of family tradition in upholstered furniture making.

This tradition was a good springboard to develop our own brand, which has been upgraded with modern approaches in designing and creating upholstered furniture.

Our sofas are made in close cooperation with designers. While developing new products, we research new approaches to the process, design, and functionality of upholstered furniture together, and make sure that each Kauch product has its own story.

Apart from our own Kauch sofa brand, we also specialise in upholstered furniture for private and public premises.

Space is a playground of opportunities for me

For as long as I can remember I have always been a visual guy. Spaces were playgrounds of possibilities for me. My mind is always rearranging its fragments, like a 3D rendering program. Gently sliding over oiled oak with the tips of my fingers. Searching for the softest linen. I close my eyes and bind them together. My eyelids twitch before I fall asleep.

Always searching. With the goal being your comfort. The comfort of aesthetics and touch. With a pinch of charm.

Luka Debevec – The Founder of Kauch

Luka Debevec, founder of Kauch