About us

Luka Debevec

Kauch is the product of over 25 years of experience and tradition. Everything started when in the first years of working together with my father, we were not able to get a common vision, so we decided to split. We split consensually and he even offered to leave two of his workers with me, so that I could start making my vision come true right away. My guideline is a unique approach to the use of the sofa, based on ideas from everyday life. This is why Kauch perfectly suits your life-style.


Knowledge of this beautiful work has its roots in car upholstery. And ever since those dreams became reality we never stoped to dream further. The quality of our final product is developed out of mateials used from close areas. This is a culture that continues and grows from gneration to generation.
Every step in production of KAUCH is carefuly chosen based on knowledge and experience. Hand and mind walk together on this path being creative and playfull. Our tradition is a never ending search of quality materials and the learnig of how.


We design with our mind on the user, his needs and desire.